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Regenerative medicine is a new and exciting approach to chronic pain. While many older treatment approaches emphasize short-term pain relief, regenerative medicine at Athens Spine Center in Athens, Georgia offers a long-term remedy because it starts by healing your body from the inside. The Athens Spine Center team uses your body’s own blood and bone marrow for platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and bone marrow cell therapy treatments, making regenerative medicine a natural way to beat pain. If you're interested in regenerative medicine, call the office today.

Regenerative Medicine Q & A

What does regenerative medicine treat?

Regenerative medicine treats many different conditions, as bone marrow cell therapy and PRP treatment can help you regenerate any type of damaged tissue. The many kinds of pain that regenerative medicine may help treat, include:

  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck pain
  • Arthritis pain
  • Spine pain
  • Sports injury pain
  • Pain from wear-and-tear

Because regenerative medicine addresses the cause of your pain, actually healing your damaged tissue, it can also improve your range of motion, mobility, and general quality of life. 

What is PRP therapy?

PRP therapy is a treatment in which the Athens Spine Center team injects highly concentrated platelets from your own blood into injured areas. This significant platelet infusion starts your body’s normal healing response, but on a much higher level than usual. 

The PRP formula includes only your body’s most effective healing tools, the platelets, which places a large number of growth factors at the site of your damaged tissue. Growth factors attract bone marrow cells, which can then create new tissue as needed. They also encourage new cell growth, which helps you grow new tissue to replace the damaged parts. 

PRP therapy essentially helps you recover in a highly efficient way, much faster than your body could heal on its own. 

What is bone marrow cell therapy?

Bone marrow cell therapy uses bone marrow cells harvested from your own bone marrow to help you regenerate tissue. The Athens Spine Center team performs a minimally invasive procedure to remove the necessary bone marrow from your hip and pelvis area. They process the bone marrow to extract the precious bone marrow cells and discard the other components before injecting the pure bone marrow cell formula precisely where you need it. 

Bone marrow cells are unique because they’re undifferentiated, meaning they don’t have a specific “job” in your body. But, bone marrow cells can remodel into any type of cell your body makes, so they’re incredibly powerful for healing damaged tissue. Bone marrow cells can turn into nerves, muscle, bone, and any other type of cells in your body. 

Bone marrow cell therapy positions the bone marrow cells in the ideal place for healing. Over time, your bone marrow cells not only become what you need but also generate new cells and accelerate your natural healing ability. 

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